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Vital Pixels is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing and analyzing image processing algorithms. This software has the following tools and features to edit, debug, processing and analyzing algorithms.

1.      You can open and edit your sample images

2.      You can use simple tools for general editing such as crop, filters, changing colors balance, brightness and gamma, etc. …

3.      You can view and save images and algorithm's output information in a property grid.

4.      You can use zoom in and out of your images

5.      You can mix images with many method such as XOR, OR, And, etc. …

6.      You can use statistics tools for analyzing your algorithms.

7.      This software calculates mathematical parameters for your resulted image, such as SNR and PSNR after each run.

8.      You can visit and save histogram of input/output images.

9.      You can use external resources and libraries such as your programs generated by Visual Studio.

10.  You can build your own plugin and send it to another program.

11.  You can use any free third party plugins.

12.  You can analysis color and brightness.

13.  You can use strong editor and debugging tools for editing your algorithms.

14.  You can use the MATLAB code and programming in your algorithms.

15.  This software saves result of your algorithms in xml so you can analysis result of your algorithms with other programs such as excel and access.