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Histogram Window

Histogram is so important in Image Processing and Vital Pixels has a powerful tools to show, save and analysis histograms. You have two ways to see histogram. First one is "Image->Histogram Windows". After click on this menu you will see a window (Fig 4-14).

In this window you can see histogram of input and output image in the same time. In this window you can see 4 types of histogram (Red, Green, Blue and Grey).

Figure 5‑14 . Histogram of input and output image

On the left of window you see 4 buttons that with click on those you can visible and invisible any type of histogram.

For more action you can right click on any histogram (Fig 4-15). In this menu you can save histogram as an image or print it and you can change its background color.

Figure 5‑15 . Menu in histogram after right click

If you need to see histogram in any change and any rung immediately, you can use immediately windows on the button of any image. As you can see in Fig 4-16 you can choose histogram window on the bottom of input and output image. By default, immediately window is set to “Zoom” window.

Figure 5‑16. Histogram in immediately window