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Mix Images

In this menu you can mix some images in input image (Fig 4-17). As you can see in Fig.25 we have many calculation to mix two images, such as average, add, sub, OR, XOR, Max, Mix, etc.

Figure 5‑17. Mix Images

As you know in any item colors of any pixels will be mix to its corresponding. For example if you choose “XOR” any software will mix colors like this:

For any x,y in Image1

Image1.Color(x,y).R= Image1.Color(x,y).R XOR Image2.Color(x,y).R

Image1.Color(x,y).G= Image1.Color(x,y).G XOR Image2.Color(x,y).G

Image1.Color(x,y).B= Image1.Color(x,y).B XOR Image2.Color(x,y).B

Fig 4-18 shows the result of mixing two images.

Figure 5‑18. Image->Mix Images->XOR