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Open an Image

You have three ways to open an image for your work. First one in using "File->Open" menu. After that you can use every image with any extension and use it for edit and running algorithms.  Best property for images in algorithm is shown on table 3-1.






512 pixels


512 pixels


96 dpi


Without alpha and animation


Table 31 . Best Property of images

As you know in Image Processing we have some standard image for testing the algorithms. If you use Vital Pixels, it doesn't need to search those images on internet because Vital Pixels provide standard and test images for users. For using them you can use "File-> Open Sample Image". After using this menu Fig 3-1 will be shown.

Figure 41 . Open Sample Image

On another hand you can use another method for opening images. If you right click on "Preview Image" you will see change image (see fig 3-2). After clicking on this item you can change your source image.

Figure 42 . Change Source Image