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Run and Compile

After editing program you can compile it with “Build->Compile” menu or press F9 to find errors. You can see compiler and system message on “Messages Window” in the bottom of the page (Fig 7-5).

Figure 7‑5. Messages window after compile

Some of these messages are built by Vital Pixels and some of them are generated by C# compiler. If you double click on any error line cursor in editor would went to its position. Also after any run you can see value of argMessage in message window. With buttons on the top of window you can save, clear and close messages.

After compile you can run your program with “Build->Run” or press F5 and it will be applied to input image and will be shown in output image.

In you start running a program software automatically start saving and compiling, so compile and save it is not necessary for any run. Many important point for run is selecting input image, so if you didn’t select it you program couldn’t be run and Vital Pixel would show error to user.